Used & Remanufactured Equipment

A resource to locate and provide used equipment, providing an economical and timely alternative to new equipment; we communicate to gain a clear understanding of every project and target all efforts to identify and supply the best suited equipment for the application.


Consignment arrangements are available to relieve clients of front line involvement related to the sales process and provide a secure, insured warehouse environment for asset storage and display throughout the marketing and sales period. TDI will manage on-site equipment removal, loading, provide cleaning, painting and warehouse storage while conducting inspections and effective marketing.

Surplus Asset Management & Marketing Services

TDI develops and promotes a creative revenue stream for clients. Surplus plant assets are inspected and valued by TDI’s experienced in-house TEAM and a strategic network of machinery and equipment dealers (as required), to identify the highest and best value of return at time of sale. TDI purchases surplus assets at time of inspection or will market assets on behalf of clients, exposing the availability of equipment throughout the used marketplace worldwide.

Machinery & Equipment Valuations

Our experienced TEAM at DiBenedetto Appraisal Services (DAS), member TDI Group, LLC, provides clear, concise personal property appraisal reports and machinery & equipment valuations for a wide range of industries and manufacturing processes utilizing the market, cost and income approaches to value. We maintain professional accreditations with the internationally recognized professional associations, all accepted members of The Appraisal Foundation Advisory Council, (TAFAC), and we adhere to the strictest code of ethics instituted by each. All appraisal reports are prepared in compliance with the current issue of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, (USPAP).


Auction TDI Auction services performed On-Site or On-Line promote quick, cost-effective sale of idled assets. “Revenue generating opportunities turn idled assets into cash.”

On-Line Auction services focused on economics of revenue return, coordinated and tailored to client specific requirements.

Equipment Removal

TDI provides labor and supervision to perform this work on site in a safe, professional manner, whether a single piece of equipment or a complete facility.

Turnkey Delivery

TDI’s experienced TEAM delivers an economical, structured and properly executed approach to accommodate all equipment removals. Utilizing established resources developed through a storied history of project performance, all efforts are concentrated to coordinate and oversee the successful economical process from start to finish. Our TEAM, working closely with client representatives, identifies and adheres to best practices understanding the removal process and promoting an expedient re-installation process. Whether a single piece or a complete plant, a clear, accurately defined scheduled plan of removal and loading is designed and implemented.

“Constructive knowledgeable approach to be of best service – we meet and exceed expectations.”

Export Packaging

TDI’s TEAM of professionals properly identify and prepare shipments to address client specific packaging requirements. Export shipments comprised of Project Cargo Break Bulk or Container Cargo Packaging adhere to International Commercial Terms (Incoterms), a published registered trademark of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and our own high-ranking standards of safety conform to international commercial transactions and procurement. We provide secure, compliant export packaging, properly marked to promote swift handling, customs clearance, transportation and client receipt at final destination.

“We insure the security of every client’s investment.”


TDI arranges and exports equipment to major countries around the globe utilizing our knowledge and experience to handle all shipping requirements.


We offer and arrange institutional Financing/Leasing and Credit tailored to clients project requirements.

“A single source every client can rely on.”

When you work with TDI you receive the benefits of our experienced TEAM, resources that have been developed over the years. Every service we provide is offered in whole or part, meaning you can pick and choose the services required for your specific project. We put our energy to work for you and deliver the best results available in the marketplace.

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