President's Message

As President of TDI, I am pleased to announce the launch of our Asset Solutions Division.  This new division promotes partnership development with our clients so we can address resolutions to in-house issues and promote sustainability from within.

 We have built strong relationships with our customers over the years and they have come to expect traditional, world-class performance from TDI.  The Asset Solutions Division will move us beyond these traditional roles and enable TDI to provide solutions to the 21st century manufacturer. 

 Although TDI has a reputation of working solely in the metals industry, our expansive knowledge base includes diverse products and industries.  Through the development of this new division, TDI has ensured that we will provide best practices for major manufacturing concerns around the world.  Imagine having a  wealth of manufacturing intelligence and know how at your full disposal.  The Asset Solutions Division of TDI will help your leadership integrate all facets of your plant from equipment reliability, facility infrastructure and operations. 

 TDI’s philosophy is simple - relationships build the foundation of our business.   TDI is about relationships driven by  customers, our ability to listen, to communicate and to work together, presently and in the future.   By addressing these requirements as a joint effort, it allows us to tailor the outcome to meet our customers goals while promoting production, growth and establishing TDI as an effective contributor in the industry.