Our History

On January 2001 we made a commitment to ourselves and the metals industry. A commitment to being a leader within the industry with substance and the combined knowledge of both the mechanical and electrical markets. We merged Thimons Incorporated and Duquesne Electric & Manufacturing Company in an effort to capture years of experience, cultivated knowledge and complete industry coverage. TDI Group LLC a Pennsylvania Limited Liability Corporation was formed.

The merger allowed us to gain a broad base coverage of the industry as related to mechanical & electrical requirements of clients.

The foundation of our philosophy “customer relationships are #1”.

A Pro-active approach to client relationships is priority at TDI. We aim to provide full service options to our clients performed by an informed team of individuals in an accurate and timely fashion.

Realizing an immediate need to service our clients in the best possible fashion we began in house by implementing a search to expand our staff, hiring professional and committed individuals:

A support staff willing to “sign off” on our business plan.
A team committed to our business philosophy.

TDI, A team, your supplier of choice.

Recognizing the need for team support and the value of maintaining knowledge within, we provide daily in-house assistance and encourage all team members to pursue opportunities for outside continued education promoting growth and development within TDI..

Relating with industry leaders

TDI’s informative news letter the “Works In Progress” is delivered both electronically and in hard copy, allowing us to reach clients at home and share our daily experiences with them. It is targeted to inform our clients, buyers and sellers alike, of the design and activities of TDI, opportunities in the market place and developments as they occur.

TDI Services Include:
Basic Engineering
Economical Equipment Solutions
Removal and Transportation Solutions
Broad Accurate Market Coverage
Capital Recovery for Idled Surplus
A Knowledgeable approach to the project based on experience. Services that keep you and your companies (everyone’s) best interest in mind
Delivery and Re-Installations Options
Start-Up Commissioning/Training Options
Global Representation
Transport and document the move
Site clean up and remediation options
Broad reach with a personal touch

Staying with the project from inception to the final days while providing a valuable service to our clients that is what TDI does best.

Recognizing the lacking areas in our industry and filling these voids with valuable services providing clients with accurate solutions